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Prague 18 October 2016: Guyana Holdings, majority owner of Skoda Palace, are pleased to announce that they have engaged one of Europe’s most highly respected and influential architects Eva Jiricna. She will be tasked with defining a vision of how this art deco Palace could be converted into a vibrant, inspiring and welcoming contemporary retail and office space, while at the same time respecting the historic value of the Palace’s original design. This engagement is not about implementing a reconstruction at this stage; Eva Jiricna’s mandate is to explore the Palace’s potential with the objective of retaining its valuable historical design, tradition and central role in Prague.

“When selecting an architect, we looked for someone who loves and values the rejuvenation of historical buildings, and who holds the urbanistic view that new is not the only option. We also needed someone with a proven track record of creating designs and concepts that meet the needs of modern clients. We are confident that Eva will tackle this project sensitively, sensibly and with great style, taking the Palace from good to great,” said Guyana Holdings board member, Abigail Schaeffer. “Eva’s mandate is to explore the Palace’s potential; ensuring that it is an attractive and modern space for the future,” concludes Ms. Schaeffer.

There has been considerable development in and around the Narodni trida area and the owners wish to consider all alternatives in order to secure the Palace’s future. Projects of this magnitude requires planning well in advance, and while 11 years seems like a lot, it’s actually a rather standard time frame. This engagement will in no way disrupt the City’s operations as it relates purely to planning.

“Skoda Palace is a generous piece of architecture in respect to size, design and location, and it’s no secret that I’m a big believer in exploring how to give older buildings rejuvenated life instead of just constructing newer and bigger buildings all over the city. My efforts will focus on creating ideas and for a modern retail and office design that offer the best standards today and in the future,” said Eva Jiricna.

Eva Jiricna is an award winning architect known for maximizing space by combining engineering, architecture and interior design. Some of her most recognizable work includes the transformation of ‘unmanageable’ London spaces into modern and exciting usable areas while respecting their original historical values. Ms. Jiricna in particular enjoys projects where she can offer timeless and innovative design in well-established, historical communities.