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The STEM/MARK agency conducts regular surveys of how people live in different locations around the Czech Republic, what issues they deal with and what causes them to be happy. Prague is midway through the election term, which is why STEM/MARK asked Prague citizens what they thought the current leaders had accomplished and what they should accomplish by the end of the election term.

The City has been engaged in a several-year litigation over the rent for the Skoda Palace, where a part of the city administration is seated. The City Hall considered the rent as excessive and the lease contract, concluded under former mayor Pavel Bém, as unfavourable for the city. This week, an agreement has been reached with the owner of Skoda Palace, which 28% of Prague citizens appreciate, according to the agency.

The new agreement has normalised the commercial relations between the parties and change a rather non-standard contract into a balanced arrangement that better protects the interests of both parties. As the key benefits of the agreement survey respondents consider a substantial decrease of the rent (42 percent) and an end of litigations and related losses (30 percent). The situation is perceived as a win-win.

Every fifth inhabitant of the city appreciates a reduction of public transport prices and its good functioning. Prague citizens are happy about well-groomed greenery, improvements in the traffic situation, whether by repairs or new infrastructure construction, and cleaner streets. People also perceive a relatively low crime rate, efforts to curb casinos, emergence of new sport facilities, playgrounds, cycling trails, and the introduction of digital displays at public transport stops.

The STEM/MARK survey was conducted by phone among 401 respondents representing inhabitants of Prague older than 18 years.