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The top officials of the City Hall managed to reach an agreement with Copa Retail, the firm that leases Škoda Palace to the City. This week, Assembly members approved an agreement under which the City Hall will pay CZK 800 million less in the rent in exchange for waiving a purchase option that bound the building’s owner to offer it to Prague after the expiry of the lease, should Prague be interested. The City will also have to pay the rent in Euros.


The representatives of the coalition say the agreement is a little miracle. The opposition points out that Prague should start thinking about what to do once the agreement with Copa Retail ends in 2028. “It is necessary to follow up with a lasting solution,” said Jakub Michálek, Chairman of the Pirate Party’s faction in the Prague Assembly. There is unofficial talk about two potential sites where the new City Hall could be built – at Florenc and in Smíchov.

Source: Prague daily