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Guyana Holdings, welcomes the news that Prague City Council plan to organize a negotiation team in order to address the ongoing legal issue with Skodova palace.  “We have been trying for two years to open the doors and have a meaningful dialogue with City Hall. The City wants to pay less rent, but the longer they wait, the less we can offer in terms of a settlement. Based on my calculations, the City loses 135 000 CZK a day in what they can negotiate through lower rent. The sooner we meet and have a meaningful conversation the better for both parties,” said Abigail Schaeffer, Board Member of Guyana Holdings.

Schaeffer met the Control Committee last Wednesday 29 April, presented her views and answered questions about the conflict. There she stated very clearly that Guyana Holdings is very keen to negotiate a reasonable settlement, and the first step the City must take is hiring reputable, qualified and experienced lawyers in real estate law or conflict resolution. “I am certain that once the City is properly advised on their position, it will be possible for them to take a sensible and rational approach to settlement.”