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Dear Ms. Krnacova,

I trust this letter finds you well and you’ve had at least a partial break during this hectic summer, regardless of the political events at the City Hall reported in the media.

I noted with interest that Prague City Council has adopted a proposal to continue litigating and in parallel try to negotiate [a settlement] with the owners of Skoduv Palac. I confirm my commitment and willingness to sit down and participate in a transparent dialogue with the aim of resolving the current dispute to the satisfaction of both parties and to the benefit of the Prague citizens and taxpayers.

I am also aware that a special working group has been formed on May 5 with the objective to negotiate changes in the current lease agreement for Skoduv palac. Since that date, however, I have not once been approached to meet, which leads me to make the respectful suggestion that we meet sooner rather than later, also given the upcoming appellate hearing on October 7th. I believe it would be wise to meet befor that date and would appreciate if we could meet by September 30th.

Finally, I would just like to take the opportunity to remind you that since May 5th, the City of Prague has forfeited potential savings in the total amount of almost 17 million CZK, which represents savings offered by us in the amount of CZK 135 000 per day (based on our offer to the City in July of last year).  This does not include the City’s ever-increasing cost of legal proceedings.

I am at the working group’s disposal and hope to hear from you soon.


Kind regards,

Abigail Schaeffer